Beginner & first time

AntiGravity Aerial Yoga

Discover & learn all the basics

In our beginner’s course, you will learn everything you need to feel comfortable in the hammock.

The course is held in our Studio Cocoon in Stockholm.

Do you find yoga difficult and not for you?

Yoga is meant to help you connect with your body and become more flexible, but we’ve noticed that many people who try yoga on a mat experience the opposite.

They lack the mobility or strength to perform all the movements fully.

This makes yoga too tough and most people give up before even experiencing the benefits of yoga.


AntiGravity Aerial Yoga Beginners course



Isabella får mig verkligen att lita på hammocken så att jag törs släppa kontrollen och på ett lekfullt sätt vågar testa och utmana mig själv.

Jag är så tacksam att jag fick möjligheten att prova AntiGravity! Att få sväva över marken, omsluten av min hammock ger mig en känsla av frihet och avslappning på ett sätt som jag inte upplevt tidigare. Jag lämnar nybörjarkursen med en värme och lätthet i kroppen samtidigt som jag är fylld av sprudlande energi. Jag kommer att göra detta igen!

Malin Wennergren



Discover & learn the basics

Explore movements in the very first class that would have been possible only after a year of yoga practice.


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Att prova AntiGravity är en helt unik upplevelse!

Man befinner sig i en total närvaro som jag aldrig upplevt tidigare. Jag kände att hela mitt jag var delaktig. Jag blev överraskad över att leendet man får när man hänger uppochner håller i sig och lyfter en resten av dagen. Våga prova!  Tina Ramark

Tina Ramark

Here we have gathered some of the most common questions

The nice thing about AntiGravity is that everyone can participate.
Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, young or old, you can benefit from trying AntiGravity.
The AntiGravity hammock can withstand 500 kg of dynamic weight.
It is a form of exercise that gives you the opportunity to explore your creativity and challenge yourself in new ways.
The instructor adapts the exercises to each individual’s needs and everyone gets to feel like aerial acrobats at their level.
If you have something that bothers you in your body, ask us.
AntiGravity can be modified according to your body.

AntiGravity gives you the opportunity to explore your physical abilities in a playful way.
By trying out these new movements and stepping out of your comfort zone, you become brave and get to experience the power of succeeding with something you didn’t think was possible.

Our bodies are fed with so much impressions and stress every day.
AntiGravity Aerial Yoga offers an opportunity to relax, release stress and focus on finding presence and contact with the body and breath.
To float in the air and feel weightlessness contributes to a feeling of lightness and calm.
A moment in the AntiGravity hammock becomes a much-needed break where you get to play in the air.

When you book yourself in, you choose either a 4-hour course on a weekend day or a 2.5-hour course on a weekday evening.
Before the course starts, the instructor will introduce you to the hammock and go through safety so that you feel comfortable and safe.
We start the beginner course with a floating meditation. Then we soften the body, try hanging upside down and other yoga movements in a playful and relaxed environment.
At times you will feel like aerial acrobats. The beginner course ends in a flowing relaxation in “Cocoon”.

You have two options depending on which day of the week suits you best. Both courses teach you the basics of AntiGravity and prepare you for further classes in AntiGravity.

2.5-hour course (5:00 pm-7:30 pm on a weekday evening)

We start the evening with a beginner class in the AntiGravity hammock.
Pause with tea and freshly baked gluten-free bread. Then we end the evening with AntiGravity Cocooning, a soft and relaxing moment in the hammock where you float through the air in movements that soften the entire spine, hips and connective tissue in the body.
For those who know Yoga Nidra, this is a Yoga Nidra where you are in “Cocoon”.

4-hour course (10:00 am-2:00 pm on a holiday)

During the day you will try a beginner class in AntiGravity Yoga as well as a class in AntiGravity Yin, which is a soft and relaxing class where you float through the air in movements that open up the entire spine, hips and connective tissue in the body.
A lovely brunch in the form of an overnight oat with accessories is included (vegan, lactose- and gluten-free) and you have the opportunity to take a bath in warmer or colder water.

Since we are hanging upside down, we recommend that you do not come with either a completely empty stomach or a full stomach.
It may be good to have eaten no later than 1.5 hours before the activity itself.


In order to make it easy to move in the hammock, it is important that you take off all jewelry.
Put on a T-shirt (short sleeve, not tank top) and tights without zippers.
You are barefoot OR wearing “sticky socks”. Feel free to change before as we have limited space for changing.

After the beginner’s course, you are ready to book our ongoing AntiGravity classes for beginners at our studio Cocoon. Some that we recommend are AntiGravity Aerial Yoga 1, AntiGravity Yin and AntiGravity Cocooning.

690 SEK for 2,5h-course and 990 SEK for4h-course

Yes, the beginners course can be held in English. The instructor adapts to the group needs.

Cocoon Stockholm is Stockholms only Aerial Yoga studio. Our studio is located at Stora Essingen. The adress: Segelbåtsvägen 7.

From our Rooftop-terrass on fifth floor, we are blessed with a beautiful view over Mälaren.

Other questions or needs/wishes?
Then you are most welcome to contact us at


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